Denne uges inspiration


The Lucky feat turns Disadvantage into Super Advantage.

It says “Whenever you make an attack roll, an ability check, or a saving throw, you can spend one luck point to roll an additional d20.  You can choose to spend one of your luck points after you roll the die, but before the outcome is determined.  You choose which of the d20s is used for the attack roll, ability check, or saving throw.
So, say you have Disadvantage and roll a 3 and a 17.  You decide to spend a luck point, and roll a 5 on the luck die.  Since you can choose which d20 to use, you can pick the 17.


Extra Dimensional Storage
(1) Find Familiar Spell (PHB p240)
(2) Have familiar hold item (Carrying capacity is Strength Score x 15, PHB p176)
(3) Dismiss familiar as per spell “As an action, you can temporarily dismiss your familiar. It disappears into a pocket dimension where it awaits your summons.” (PHB 240)

This could be useful for storing your spellbook (3 lbs) or other highly valuable item(s) of limited weight and size.


Did you know: Paladins can double to triple (or more) Smite.
* X Smite Spells have a Casting Time of 1 Bonus Action and set up your next attack to additional do X.
* Divine Smite has no action, simply expend a Paladin Slot for bonus damage on each hit. No limitation on usage per round.
So at the second level (sadly once per day :p) the Paladin can nova both his Slots for +2d8+1d6 Fire/Psychic. It’s not much but by level 20 this grows to +5d8+5d10 on the first hit with a second Divine Smite on his Extra Attack at +4d8 which is worth a total +68 damage.


Bards kan caste Paladin spells før de kan.

Tjek Players handbook efter “Lore Bards”

Den korte version er at de kan kaste spells fra andre klasses, eneste krav er at de selv kan kaste spells af det level. Så Rangers og Paladins som først får deres spells senere, dette giver Lore Bards spells som først burde virke late game meget tidligere.

Så hvorfor ikke lave den selv?

Jeg kiggede i DMGen, på forums hvor andre har lavet egne classes. De “Psionics” er åbenbart meget savnet.

Jeg savnede den gode gamle Mystic Theurge. Så har lavet den som en skole til wizards…

Hvad synes I?

School of Mystic Theurges

Mystic theurges blur the line between divine and arcane,

drawing power from divine sources and ancient tomes alike.

While most spellcasters choose one path to magical power,

mystic theurges are able to simultaneously master spells

common to clerics and wizards.

Mystic theurges tend to be fascinated with magic in

whatever form it takes. They are often obsessed with

magical lore, traveling to the ends of the earth to learn

some new arcane secret or divine insight.

Divine surge

Beginning when you select this school at 2nd level, you stop

Giving wizard spell levels, instead you gave cleric spell levels

as if you were are level 1 cleric. These levels don’t replace your

wizard levels, they are just different and works side by side.

You do not gain anything else from the Cleric class. You

continue with your wizard levels, just with cleric spells.

Combine your knowledge

Starting at 6th level, you gain Wizard spell levels again at the same

Time as you gain Cleric spell levels.

Channel Divinity

At level 10, you are able to channel divinity as a cleric

2 times per day.

You have the ability to turn undead, and later it may be used

by your domain.

Divine insight

Beginning at 14th level, you may select a Cleric domain as your

own, and gain the bonuses it gives, however you only drain power from

the domain, you are not bound by it or a deity.


Hvis vi skal powergame, ville jeg aldrig tage den, men for RP værdi synes jeg den er awesome!

Elsker ideen om en eller anden som bare vader rundt efter mere magi, det er ikke magt, rigdom, politik eller whatnot. Næ det er magi for magiens skyld.

Det kan godt være at vi kan dræbe dragen, redde landet og os selv, men tænk på denne skønne bobbel som nogen en gang har lavet. Det her er magi som har stået før nogen af os var tænkt på. Det kan vi da ikke bare ødelægge!